ILME Bulkhead housing with M32 thread

- Simple mounting with M32-locknut
- For square connector inserts size 21.21
- 3-pol. up to 21 pol.
- Squich-, screw-, spring- or crimp contacts 6,5A up to 40A
- Or for RJ45 patch cables
- Steel- or stainless-steel lever
- In standard, aggressive environment, 180°C or EMV


Relay-Modul with pluggable terminals

- Screw- and spring-terminals pluggable
- Only 5,1 mm slim44-50QF001-0000
- 1 reversible changeover-Relay or opto-coupler
- Reverse polarity protection
- LED-display
- Block-terminals also deliverable


Pre-fabricated Pach-Cables Simple mounting through cable-gland

- Divisible Z-slotted seal suitable for cable-glands as follows

                M25 extended clamping
                M32 standard
                PG21 ENGLISCH


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