LED - signal towers

Modular LED-singal towers LR4/5/6/7
Slim LED-signal towers MES, MPS
Programable LED-signal tower LA6 Demo-Video
Flat LED-wall lights WE, WME
LED-signal tower for food industry LS7
LED-ethernet/interface-signal tower PHE/PHC Manual PHE/PHC

LED - signal light

LED-flash and round lights SL, SF, LFH
Rotating beacons SK
Slim LED-flashligth LPT
Small LED-indicators NE
LED-/Xenon-signal lights M22-L for 22,5 mm hole
LED-inserts BA15d, spare flash tubes LLL, LLB, XT


ITP11 LED-display 4-20 mA                                      User guide ITP11
ITP14 Universal LED-display 0(4)-20 mA /0(2)-10 V User guide ITP14
ITP15 LED-bargraph display 0-100%                        User guide ITP15
ITP16 LED-display temperature                                User guide ITP16
SMI2 LED-display RS485 Modbus                            User guide SMI2

Digital and analog meters

Digital and analog meters, current transformer
Hour meters
Fault indication display modules LAB

Audible signal devices

KLL, KLF, KLH, KDH, HMK / hooker w./w.o. steady light
HPT, HTG, UWS, FWS / signal horn a. signal alarm HPT, HTG, UWS, FWS

LED-work lights

LED-strips SL4000, SL700, LED-K, CWA, CLA, CWK, CLK, LE, LED-S
LED-headlights CLN
LED control cabinet lamps

kink arm work lights

Kink arm LED work lamp ORLH, TRLH
LED work light 30/50W

Machine tube ligths

LED-machine lamp Ø 70/60/50 mm
Mounting accessories