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Our product-range includes electrical, electronic and mechanical components,
as well as labels for automation in mechanical engineering, plant construction
and control cabinet construction.


alu, plastic, stainless steel

  Cable conduits
     corrugated conduits, anaconda conduits
    products for use in hazardous areas
     normsignal converter, temperatur converter, limit value switches
     for panel mounting or snap on
Relays + Interface
     relays, optocoupler, conductors, solid-state-relays
  SPS und Industry-PC
     VIPA, ethernet-switches, touchpanels
  Cable glands
     polyamid, brass, stainless steel, accessories
     control cables, track cables, single conductors
     glass tube fuses, circuit braker, motor protection switch
  Signal lamps + work lights
     LED signal towers, LED-work lights, machine lights, horns
     for wires, cables, components and signs

Cable lugs
     DIN-lugs, tube lugs, small lugs, receptacles


Cord end sleeves
     insulatd and uninsulated

  Electronic plugs
     RJ45, USB, Profibus, CAN-Bus

ILME industrial plugs
     rectangular plugs, CEE-plugs

  Industrial round plugs
     industry-round plugs, safety plugs, CEE-plugs
  M12 + M8 plugs
     plugs, cables, distribution boxes
valve plugs + accessories
     valve plugs form A, B, C, pressure switches
Power supplies
     power supplies, transformers, UPS modules, monitoring
  Switches + push buttons
switches, push-buttons, LED-displays, limit switches
  EMC and grounding
     terminals, rails, glands, seals
     2:1, 3:1, 4:1, tissue shrinking tubes, braided sleves, tapes
  Control cabinet accessories
     lights, fans, heaters, air conditioners, wiring ducts
  Terminal blocks
     screw terminals, push-in terminals, function terminals
  Cable ties
     polyamid and stainless steel, velcro holders
    stripping, crimping, cutting, punching, special tools
Wire cable trays
     steel, stainless steel, mounting accessories
Wiring systems
     PROCLIP, PROFLEX, LSC, LSC-airstream

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Aderendhülsen / cord end sleeves


ATEX-Produkte / ATEX products

EMV + Erdung / EMC + grounding      
Gehäuse / enclosures    

Gitterkanäle / cable trays

Kabel + Cu-Schienen / cables + Cu-rails      

Kabelbinder / cable ties


Kabelschuhe / cable lugs


Kabelschutzschläuche / cable conduits


Kabelverschraubungen / cable glands


Kennzeichnung / labeling


Kennzeichnung-Drucker / printers


Klemmen / terminal blocks

Messwertwandler / transducers    

Netzgeräte / power supplies


Relais+Opto+Schütze / relais+opto+contactors

Schalter+Taster / switches+push buttons      

Schaltschrankzubehör / cabinet accessories


Schrumpfschläuche / shrinking tubes

Sicherungen / fuses      
Signal-+Arbeitsleuchten / signal towers+lights      
SPS+Industrie-PC / SPS+industrical PC      

Stecker Elektronik / electronic connectors


Stecker ILME Rechteck / ILME connectors


Stecker Industrie Rund / round connectors

Stecker M12+M8 / connectors M12+M8      

Stecker Ventile / valve plugs


Störmelder / fault annunciators


Verdrahtungssysteme / wiring system

Werkzeuge / tools